Dr Eugene Sukhorukov - founder of Dental PodcastWelcome to my Dental Podcast! I started this Channel simply as a video library for my patients. I began video blogging for my own dental site, Fletcher Dental Care. As I was working on the blog, I got several other ideas, such as Audio Blog, Blog in Russian for Russian speaking patients, and finally, my Dental Media Productions (DMP) site, where I am offering Video Blogging service for other Dental Offices.

Dental Podcast – Get Your Dental Questions Answered

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Dental Podcasting

О Стоматологии

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Video Blogging started as a way to answer my own patients’ questions. Later I extended it into Blog about events, products reviews etc.
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 Dental Podcast is an audio version of my Dental Video Library. This way people can subscribe to it via iTunes or email to get updates.
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 Русский стоматологический подкаст – это информационный канал, предназначенный для русскоязычных жителей США.